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SNB Token

What is $SNB?

  • Governance and Utility Token for Shinobi Protocol: The SNB token encapsulates a right to participate in decision making processes of the Shinobi protocol. The SNB token will also be required to perform certain transactions when using the Shinobi protocol.

How will $SNB be used?

  • Incentivize Shuriken Network: The SNB token will be used to pay users that provide the necessary blockchain information to the Shinobi protocol.

  • Developer Reward: A portion of SNB tokens that are generated from transactions will be used to pay developers that support the continuous development of the protocol.

  • Network Growth and Adoption: The SNB token will be used to pay stakeholders that drive growth of the Shinobi network and its adoption within the crypto economy.

  • Governance: Form a democratic community of SNB holders to maintain and operate the Shinobi protocol autonomously and decentrally.

What does $SNB aim to become?

The SNB token aims to become the Ultimate Commodity, backed by enthusiasts that value privacy on the Secret Network and in the Bitcoin Ecosystem.